Manager: Dave Woods

Assistant managers: Michael Mullen and Adam Lea


James Bosbury
Richard Butt
Ben Calder
Mathew Camfield
Gary Cozens
Chris Crook
Shaun Davey
Jack Day
James Forder
Marc Harnett
Steven Hercock
Charlie Hinge
Ben Hutchings
Matthew Journeaux
James Langdown
Ashley Lovett
Dean Lowe
Peter McColm
Lee McIlveen
Thomas Middleton
Michael Mullen
Conor Nolan
Peter Philpott
Ricky Rawlins
Geoffrey Sim
Lee Slade
Nathan Stockwell
James Vinton
Paul Vinton
Simon Waters
Matthew Watts
Sam Wesson
Nicky Woodgate
Daniel Wooldridge

You can find out more about the team on the Hampshire Premier Football League website.